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1: The child's body long fast, because jumping up and down movement of the body stay in the air the longest movement joints and gravity in a straight line is the best stretch, is conducive to calcium absorption joints. (Basketball player is the best argument)

2: The most important point is that the trampoline is a soft landing is not accelerated joint calcification. Bone growth cycle most suitable movement for children.

To make the five elements constitute the human body bodybuilding bones, muscles, fat, skin, facial features to achieve fitness standards, and to good maintenance, there is a pattern and rules to follow. These laws and rules are the crystallization of human long-term research.

To sum up, were the following:

1, there must be idealistic, spiritual support that perseverance;

2, there must work with rest, work and rest, adequate sleep, rest time

3, to moderate diet, with meat and vegetables, not smoking, drinking less alcohol;

4, choose a good fitness equipment can achieve a multiplier effect --- while jumping bed / trampoline is the best choice!!


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