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    Trampoline is childhood memories of many people, and many of them use a trampoline stretch to feel happy moments of fly to the sky. On March 14, the faith community United Ireland movement factory trampoline game play activity, to help parents and children feel the professional trampoline brought joy.

    After she finished her preparation activities, children are most looking forward to free trampoline has officially begun. The children work in pairs, follow the coach's action in free jumping on a trampoline; adapted with the children on a trampoline, the coach teaches different moves, but also with a relay game. Time, trampoline area where the sound of the cheering and laughter together into one, sit in the lounge area of parents can't help but came downstairs, with a camera to record the children's wonderful performance.
    "I think so many kids trampoline would be in danger, such worries are not necessary now. "Love factory main tyre movement trampoline trampoline area instructors patrol the course, prompt attention to safety," our coach was once a professional trampoline, after special training and assessment to posts. "Yue coach said during the movement's most important thing is to ensure the children's safety, so I love city in coach training and assessment have done a great deal of effort, let your child have fun here, but also to put parents at ease.
    Trampoline advanced now, adults and children to play together
    Activities the last link is to make parents and kids "you to sign my guess" game, comes to trampoline area parents were children of the joy of driving, and also returned to a childhood game of guessing words, "we see who can jump higher!" One young mother who pulled together to participate in the activities of the parent to one on a trampoline and bad. "Love city welcomes children to play, as well as adults to feel the joy of a trampoline. "Yue told media journal, trampoline is not kid exclusive games," trampoline area is 48 years of age-oriented crowd open, many companies still love city outreach activities. "Yue coaches says children can exercise in the game balance, harmony and sense of integration systems, adults can also be obtained by trampoline to relax physically and mentally.
    "Now the trampoline was much more advanced than we used to play. "Wang with seven-year old daughter to participate in this trampoline experience activity, which is also his daughter's first time playing on the trampoline in the professional game," trampoline kids in the Park, there is no dedicated people to care, always afraid of her injuries. But here I feel comfortable enough to let her go and play. "The other one took the children to participate in activities of high also said, a trampoline is an intensity of movement, never before experienced with the child," today is not just kids and fun, I play myself. "Also hopes to have more people through the trampoline for relaxation and pleasure.


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