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    2011 years first Trampoline World Cup race in ended in Shanxi Taiyuan. Chinese team won two games, including all 5 individual gold medals, Dong Dong, Li Danrong bear the double.
    The tournament is this year's World Cup series debut, a total of 5 individual competitions. Last night, woman online personal project finals took the lead, Chinese player Li Dan played well, with a score of 56.190 out of. Preliminary contest No.1, Beijing Olympic champion He Wenna made small mistakes, in the final 0.215 points ranked second. The Athens Olympic bronze medalist Huang Shanshan although preliminaries followed by Ho, Lee came in third, but because of "an association can have up to 2 people to enter the finals" she was eliminated. Men online personal project also staged a high level game. The play ends with Dong Dong high quality complete movement, obtained 61.725 points, ahead of teammate Tu Xiao. As is the case with Huang Shanshan, the Beijing Olympic champion Lu Chunlong in the lost to Dong and Tu, stopped in the preliminaries.
    In other 3 non-Olympic projects, Yang Song jumped twice with a total of 77.80 points won the men challenged the laurel, Dong Dong / TU Xiao, Li Dan / Zhong xin bisection by male, female synchronous project gold medal. Finally, the Chinese team with 5 gold, 2 silver, 1 copper perfectly answered a curtain call.


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