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    Shangde movement on a trampoline is a trampoline without Springs, movement, has 14 patents, and adopt a new global high-tech ' rod structure ' support and FlexiNet? (Soft Ridge network) technology to jump to create a full range stereo seamless protection of the space and flexibility. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athletes use a virtue as high loads, hoppers have no possibility of contact with the trampoline hardware, nor falls heavily to the ground resulting in injury.
    Shangde trampoline safety campaign on the original in New Zealand, is to break a century of human trampoline design principle of revolutionary new technology products! after New Zealand and Canada 14 years of long-term investment in research, testing, and finally officially available worldwide in 2003, and quickly in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and other mainstream popular in high-end, Olympic champions and world champions spokesmen praised the excellent performance of shangde TM on.

    Shangde on trampoline safety campaign after the 2008 Beijing Olympics landed in China and actively engaged in advocacy, participation in fitness trampoline safety market in China's construction. We are not only building fun trampoline Club across the country, also is a major domestic Sports national show, game platform designation.


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