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Trampoline is an entertainment device, is a form of aerobic exercise. By jumping up and down movement stretch the joints joints increased absorption of calcium can protect a child can also enable adults to achieve weight loss, leg hip effect, while loved by adults and children.

Legs are removable and can be hung, and can introduce legislation, does not occupy the space, weighs 200 kilograms or less for kids and adults to take off.

Trampoline sizes differ, diameter dimensions are different, different materials jump, which vary in elasticity coefficient and maximum load capacity.

Selection of trampoline-trampoline
Bedjump, first to prepare is to choose a good bed. Home beds are often ordinary people too hard, elastic good, unable to feel the feeling of bouncing, hotels beds are the same, best bed is a luxury hotel.

Jumping bed-making
Jumping bed iron frame, jump cloth lining cloth, iron frame tube and spring components. Mesh material is PP (UV). Bright colors, colorfast, durable, features and more.

Can exercise adult limbs and the muscles strength and enhance adult bodies bounce; strong liver and invigorating the spleen, adjust endocrine, comfortable and loose, can make children increased.

Adult children are applicable.

Schools, kindergartens, parks, gardens, villas, residential, playgrounds, children's Palace, shopping malls, supermarkets and other types of indoor and outdoor venues for children and adult travel entertainment.

Preparations for trampoline-trampoline
Play trampoline, need to be carefully planned and prepared, only prepared to enjoy it.
1. choose a bed. Own bed at home if it is soft enough, flexible enough, and can also, of course, but at home should not experience the kind of "break it" feeling. So have a good bed of the hotel is a good choice.
2. don't go alone. Trampoline movement a movement that is shared with others, people can make of it, alone it is difficult to make up, you go play somebody else's bed, don't sleep into other people's beds. In addition, a lot more work must be done, for example, photographed, this can't be the self-timer can be done.
3. a good camera. You are not going to entertain, this movement is not the most important thing, but a photograph you process, capturing the moment you pose the most classic, so essential to a good camera, shooting the best setting for continuous shooting, it's relatively easy to catch the most amazing action.
4. the prop. If you want to dress up as Superman, you can wear a Cape and Red underwear, it makes you even more into play. If you want to dress up as witches, a broom you need ... ... In addition, the hotel can also take advantage of some things in the room, such as flower pots, picture frames, and so on, it all depends on your creativity.

Trampoline-health effects
1, children increased. Adult weight loss leg, hip.
2, physical activity, continued to jump for 15 minutes, with 30 minutes of jogging or fitness dance almost 20 minutes, is less time-consuming, energy-consuming great aerobic exercise.

Adult weight loss
1, feel free to exercise more convenient.
2, pick a favorite DVD music or sports programs, while watching jumping without tired time pass faster, which eliminates the worry about exercise.
3, does not like the exercises as the treadmill, thick thighs, thick shoulder hump.
4, moving up and down the advantages of waist is fine straight body good temperament, most notably hip, legs without lateral muscles, legs are fine.

Increased child
1, was growing quickly. Jumping up and down movement is a movement of the body in the air the longest, joints and the force of gravity in a straight line is the best stretch and joints to absorb calcium. (A basketball player is the best argument)
2, the most important point is that the trampoline is soft does not accelerate the calcification of joints. Long bone growth cycle is best for children.

Trampoline-trampoline fitness guide
To make the five elements to form human body bones, muscles, fat, skin and facial features to meet fitness standards, and its very well maintained, there are rules and laws to follow. This rule and the rule is the crystallization of human long-term research. Summed up with the following:
1, in order to have ideals, have the moral support that is persistence;
2, to alternate work with rest, work and rest, sleep time and rest;
3, eat right, and meat and mix not smoking and drinking;
4, selecting a good fitness equipment can achieve a multiplier effect.


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