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    2009 "Bedjump", in the site ran on fire, translated in Chinese as "trampoline" or "trampoline". Around the world, teeming with fans that love this sport. Enthusiasts usually choose good bed (more often the hotel beds), leaping in the air to make a variety of actions and capture wonderful pictures on the blog or accept images uploaded on the Web site. Creative fans took the opportunity and give full play to fanciful imaginations, dancing posture, facial expression, and participate in the excitement as much as participating in an extreme sport.
    Creators on the Web site of the sport, said: "participation in this sport, you'll be excited to own it. "For trampoline exercise, hotel guests and the hotel's bed as a trampoline in the Olympic Games, participants in the sport of trampoline to show their" jumping posture "and creative, and uploaded to the blog to share with friends.
    The movement is not the most important thing, but a photograph you process, capturing the moment you pose the most classic, so essential to a good camera.


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