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The oxygenating effect of trampoline trampoline exercise can strengthen your heart and lungs, help prevent heart disease, and rehabilitation. Each myocardial cell by increasing heart rate and oppression, the heart will be strengthened. Trampoline exercise can strengthen your legs. The auxiliary pump your legs just as the cardiovascular system. Strong legs can greatly slow the heart's burden.

Trampolines are good places for people physically active. Australia's Heart Foundation recommends, for heart health and prevent heart disease, people should have three times a week, 30 minutes of exercise at a time. High intensity activities can make the heart beat faster and help blood flow to the body. And use the trampolines to exercise on cardiac function of efficiency will be higher: 10 minutes active trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes on a par amount of running. In theory, if you are healthy long insisted exercise should not have heart disease.

If you already have heart problems, we also advise you on medical advice or fitness active trampoline exercises under the guidance of coaches. For some patients with heart disease, you can slow activity on the trampoline, which also efficiently help your heart active recovery and restore healthy functioning.

If your resting heart rate less than 60 times per minute, do not smoke, notice chest pain, healing foods to eat, exercise trampoline and then for more than 40 minutes a day, 5 days per week. After this period of time can help you reach your normal heart rate target zone.

Oxygenating exercise trampoline is recognized, can provide ideal for low-side effects of aerobic fitness. Trampoline exercise is seen as better able to implement supplemental oxygen therapy (oxygen therapies) based movement, used to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Kasem, cancer treatments (Gerson cancer therapy) founder mǎ Kè sī · gé sēn doctor (Dr. Max Gerson) in his "50 cases and advanced cancer therapies" article in the 7th page wrote: "the ideal cancer treatment's mission is to restore the whole body's antioxidant system function."

Trampoline the oxygenating effects of bright red blood to carry more oxygen, instead of dark red color to blood-borne oxygen is less. Arterial blood is typically bright red, because they just got through the lungs. Venous blood is dark red, because they have been through capillaries and tissue oxygen exchange.

Philpott (Philpott) doctor's "magnetic therapy: an alternative medicine definitive guide (Magnet Therapy:An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide)" page 74th: absolutely all normal cells require oxygen, but cancer cells can survive without oxygen – this is an unchangeable rule. "

McCabe (McCabe), doctor in his "O2Xygen therapy: a new treatment for" 192th page wrote: "If oxygen is 60% will produce the normal tissue cells cancerous. "Treasure ào tuō · huá doctor (Dr. Otto Warburg) agreed that if oxygen 35% in normal tissue cells, after 48 hours it will be possible to produce cancer.

When the oxygen content in the blood is reduced, it creates ripe conditions suitable for cancer. Oxygen is exchanged through arteries and capillaries and the organizations of the system. If the artery or arterial blood flow is blocked, the subsequent system of capillaries and tissue will be from lack of oxygen may have cancer.

Various chronic conditions often found associated with low oxygen saturation of venous blood. Once they receive the right treatment and exercise, venous blood oxygen saturation levels are elevated, they will dramatically improve the health and quality of life! Trampoline exercise is one of the most effective with fewer side effects make up the basis of aerobic exercise!


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